The History of Hemel Hempstead Town FC

Hemel Hempstead stadium

It is not often that a football club can boast of rich history, heritage, and tradition, but Hemel Hempstead Town FC is one of the very few clubs that can legitimately claim to be as old as the game itself. Conceived in 1885 as Apsley End, the club has undergone numerous changes over many decades of its existence, with its most recent iteration enjoying a significant presence in the National League South.

Hemel Hempstead Town FC is the result of numerous mergers and name changes, with the club taking the overall honours in several league championships. Its current name was assigned in 1999, but there were significant changes in 1955 and 1971. The club was officially renamed to Hemel Hempstead Town in 1955, but in 1971, they merged with Hemel Hempstead United and came to be known as Hemel Hempstead Football Club. Regardless, the change in 1999 continues to hold ground until the present day.

Although the team has reached the playoffs on multiple occasions in recent times, even reaching the first round of the FA Cup, the club has yet to make a mark in the major leagues. The FC is unofficially known as ‘The Tudors,’ and their official ground is located at Vauxhall Road in Hemel Hempstead. It is indeed a far cry from their humble beginnings at Salmon Meadow in Apsley, with several grounds hosting the club for their home matches over the years.

The team’s most recent historical moment came in 2013-14 when the club went on to clinch the Southern League Premier Division Championship. Ever since the team has been performing exceptionally well by qualifying for playoffs consistently and earning the fifth spot in the league standings in 2017-18.